Hudson Bioskills Lab provides a state-of-the-art space where clinicians and companies can work together on the latest technological developments in medicine that improve patient outcomes. The lab provides clinicians, engineers, and researchers a high-quality facility with both didactic and realistic surgical suite facilities to promote creativity, innovation, and education in medical care.

About the Lab

The Hudson Bioskills Lab is a 4,000 sq ft, full-service facility available for research & development, education, training, and product demonstrations. Located in Nyack, NY the lab is easily accessible with ground floor access and substantial on-site parking.

  • Two surgical suites
  • Two GE C-Arms
  • General Surgical Instruments
  • Power tools
  • PPE available
  • Lead Aprons & Thyroid Collars
  • Suction Systems
  • Video Conference Capable

  • Catering Available

  • Meeting rooms

  • Lecture room

  • Course sizes up to 15 people



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Contact us

To contact the Hudson Bioskills lab for any questions regarding our facility, fill out our form at the link below or call us at (914)618-4966.